1715 Aliceanna St., (410) 276-0038,

Confession: We stumbled on this self-proclaimed "Baltimore's Culture Boutique" way after the dog was outta the gate, so, yeah, PEDX's been over four years running straight-up street style right under our noses, combining collegiate, breakdance, this strange Hawaiian/leisure look, a smoking-weed lifestyle, camo, indigenous designs, and great effing graphics in T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, button-downs, hats, dope sneaks, and the coolest socks. Its go-to brands include Flying Coffin, Motivation, Moss, Kilawomp, Boogerkids, Anmlhse, 10.Deep, Official, and Richweirdo-a personal fave. Unfortunately it's almost all for men-they had one pair of red short-shorts for the ladies last we were there, boo-but since Fells is lousy with women's clothing stores, this seems all right enough.

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