City Paper's "Eat Pussy Like a Porn Star"

We hope you learn a lot of things when you head to your local yellow box and pick up a copy of City Paper. Maybe something about the City Council's doings or what's happening in the arts community. More likely, it's along the lines of "What's Dan Savage got to say this week?" or "Will I complete the crossword this time?" Even so, we sometimes pride ourselves on offering news you can use, such as how you can perform cunnilingus on your girlfriend. Hence the reason we enlisted Baltimore-bred porn star Kurt Lockwood to pen a (ahem, short-lived) column for us! Sure enough, he filed a particular column revealing his technique-passed down, we presume, by the porn elders-for orally pleasing a woman. We'll be damned if it didn't become one of the perennially most-visited pages of our website, which is to say lots of people read it and learned (we hope) from Lockwood's advice. You're welcome! (We think?)

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