The Chesapeake

1701 N. Charles St., (410) 547-2760,

As you may recall, we went to the newly opened Chesapeake one early evening in July and ordered a WhistlePig Manhattan, up. We were expecting a bill of $17 or so. We got a bill for $21. We wrote a blog post complaining about it ("And the award for most overpriced Manhattan in Baltimore goes to . . .," July 17). We didn't hear complaints from the place at the time, but not much later, a City Paper reviewer went back to review the restaurant side of things, for which a photograph with the head chef was taken. Sure enough, there was chef Jordan Miller, posing with two plates of food, a bottle of WhistlePig, a Manhattan, and a knowing grin-a grin that said "Fuck you very much, City Paper." But seriously, we thought it was hilarious and appreciated the way the Chesapeake handled our grousing. Tip o' the cap. Now, about those prices. . .

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