Free Parking

Ah, to live in the City That Reads. Crime on every block, crack on every corner, kitschy Hampden stuff that tourists and people in the county visit during December only, a perennial chip on every Bawlmer resident's shoulder. Oh, and ALL THE FREE PARKING YOU COULD EVER WANT. Apparently, if you live in Washington, D.C., this is what you think of Baltimore. Washington Post travel writer Marc Fisher slaughtered many words in service of this myopic, unimaginative, and boilerplate understanding with his amazingly smug, condescending February story, "In Baltimore, finding more than just true grit," in which he mentions the parking situation nine times. Look, D.C., we love you. Really, we do. But remarking with "A-HA!" glee at our abundant parking is like us feigning surprise at all the malfeasance your little District manages to create.

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