Baltimore Spectator


With a couple thousand Twitter followers, a Barry White voice, and a powerful paranoia, Apollos Frank-James MacArthur parlayed a run-of-the-mill probation violation into a sensational standoff with the city's SWAT team, followed by a dramatic six-month term in jail, before pleading guilty to his second gun charge. Now, with nearly 4,000 Twitter followers and an imposing Klout score, MacArthur stands head and shoulders above other anti-police agitators, regaling his online radio listeners and other followers with tales of his gritty exploits in the city's murderous streets-and regular flame wars with perceived detractors. It's a lot of work, and MacArthur has paid a heavy price in time and treasure, but he has established himself as a unique Baltimore voice. Admit it: You can't look away.

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