Richard Gorelick on Cronuts

When New York City went all meshugganah this year over cronuts-half-croissant, half-donut, all-delicious (apparently. None have yet made their way to CP HQ)-Sun (and former CP) food writer Gorelick was all over it, with stories and Facebook posts that seemed to both earnestly share the enthusiasm over the hybrid baked goods and simultaneously mock the absurd hype over them. He started on June 7 with "Looking for Cronuts? Gertrude's has Croi-nuts!," then "A few Baltimore restaurants dip into the Cronut craze" on Aug. 7 (with an accompanying photo gallery: "Cronut craze hits Baltimore and New York"), and finally on Sept. 4, "In search of the next Cronut." Gorelick's Facebook page was a more frequent outlet for the decidedly unhealthy obsession, with endless links and reviews posted with the tag "crontinuing croverage." Richard, don't ever change.

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