Booze News

A properly staffed daily newspaper in Baltimore would have at least two reporters assigned to the liquor board: one to go to every meeting and record the shenanigans of the various bar and club impresarios (to say nothing of the corner-store entrepreneurs) and their lawyers as they expand their joyful empires; the other would examine the doings of the board itself and the inspectors so deployed. Alas, right now there is not one reporter assigned to it full-time. And that's why Booze News, the Community Law Center's liquor board blog, is the best. Though founded only around June by Attorney Christina Schoppert Devereux, and (for the moment anyway) bare bones and summarial, it alone tells us what happens at those interminable meetings-along with telling context like, "Yes, but Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits, LLC was incorporated after the hearing, on August 26, 2013. When the hearing took place on August 15, 2013, the LLC had not yet been formed. The Liquor Board did not comment on this during the hearing."

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