Scott Calvert on speed cams

Baltimore Sun investigative reporter Scott Calvert basically shut down the city's speed-camera program this year with a series of late-2012 exposés on how the cameras work (not always well: see the minivan clocked at 38 mph while sitting at the light), how the contract works (not well, see Xerox versus Breckford Corp. dueling to operate the 80-odd speed cameras), and how the city's administration of the program works (not well, you'll be surprised to learn, because: Baltimore). Thousands of refund notices for erroneous tickets reportedly went out, and the program-which previously had netted Baltimore government about $1 million per month-has been shut down since the beginning of 2013. As of mid-August, the entire program was still on indefinite hiatus, despite competing claims by Breckford officials that the lucrative safety program would be restarted soon.

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