Marilyn Mosby

The Baltimore City state's attorney election isn't for another year, but former prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, the wife of City Councilman Nick Mosby (D-7th District), came out slugging incumbent Gregg Bernstein when she announced her candidacy in June. In emails to the media since, Mosby has held Bernstein's feet to the fire whenever she can point to anything criminal occurring in Baltimore, a city famed for its persistent crime problems. It's an easy strategy-all crime is the incumbent elected crime-fighter's fault. While Mosby waited before including Bernstein's name in her attack emails, perhaps because naming your opponent serves to remind voters of his name, she finally did on Aug. 6-and misspelled his name "Berstein" in the subject line. Classic! Smartly, she's recently been focusing on Bernstein's "tenuous grip" on crime reduction in Baltimore's "most popular neighborhoods"-also the locale of the highest-voting precincts. Mosby's a bruiser, for sure.

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