Mike Schecter and Carolyn Frenkil

It's not that we're necessarily against developers, it's just that we're against the way that people like "Doughboy" Paterakis and Michael Beatty go about it ("Give us a couple hundred mill and we'll bring some big corporations"). But, we don't want to live on some swampland or something, either. We love cities. We love this city. And we want the right kind of development, and, so far at least, the partnership between Mike Schecter and Carolyn Frenkil seems like the right way to go in Station North, where they've worked to bring the Windup Space, Liam Flynn's Ale House, and, in a sort of coup de grace, Red Emma's. If the radical left will work with a developer-and if the developer seeks out the radical left to work with-then they're doing something right. Next up is 10 E. North Ave., where they're partnered with MICA, Hopkins, Jubilee Baltimore, and Joe Squared. Sure, they're probably making a bunch of dough off all these developments, but they also really seem to love the neighborhood. So keep up the good work, but remember: We'll be watching for any Doughboy shenanigans.

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