Robert Curran's Bankruptcy

When the governor's uncle and a scion of the city's First Political Family files for bankruptcy and tells the newspaper he did it to avoid foreclosure on his home, we've got to wonder. Particularly when that house is a modest thing without a lot of liens against it, and that governor's uncle is longtime City Councilman Robert Curran, who earns about $60,000 a year just for that job. Curran says his wife's health problems prompted their Chapter 13 filing and declines to discuss the details. The filing itself does not shed much light, listing $162,000 in assets and $224,000 in debts-mostly credit card and mortgage, not medical. The Currans have pledged to repay their debts over the next five years. So while people talk-is Baltimore Detroit? Can a bankrupt politician be trusted with the city's purse strings?-it doesn't appear that many actual facts-salacious or exculpatory-are likely to be revealed.

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