William "Pete" Welch

Personally, we like Councilman Welch. He's amusingly garrulous and knowledgeable about the issues, as a man who spent many years as an aid to his mother (former Councilwoman Agnes Welch) should be. Plus he wears a bow tie-so, big style points. Yet, when we hear from people in Welch's 9th District, it's not because he was helpful on constituent issues. This would be forgivable if Welch was a policy innovator or the kind of questioner of mayoral power that colleagues like Carl Stokes, Mary Pat Clarke, Bill Henry, and even Sharon Green Middleton have on occasion been. But no. Instead, it's Welch's legislative record that we look to for his measure, and there, according to the council's online bill lookup, we find but two 2012 bills on which Welch was a key sponsor. One-an audit bill that Carl Stokes originally proposed, which was watered down by the mayor-passed. The other-a proposal for senior-citizen commission-failed. Among Welch's handful of resolutions, a proposal for a study examining whether to put ads on city fire trucks passed. A series of resolutions on behalf of the YouthWorks program made it. Welch has introduced no ordinances so far this year.

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