Ashley Roane

In keeping with a time-honored tradition for Baltimore City police, Ashley Roane, a 25-year-old patrol officer who'd been wearing a badge for five years, allegedly earned some extra cash by providing protection outside of work. Cops usually do this for bars, nightclubs, and retailers, but Roane, according to law enforcers who filed charges against her earlier this year, took her moonlighting to a new level: She allegedly was paid to be the armed lookout for a drug deal involving what she thought was a kilogram of heroin. Not satisfied with that source of extra income, Roane also is accused of stealing identities from law-enforcement databases and using them to file for fraudulent tax returns. If she'd chosen the right nightclub, perhaps Roane could've hit a trifecta of vice exploitation: providing door security while protecting drug dealers at the club and stealing identities off the driver's licenses of carousing patrons.

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