Tavon White

Who would've guessed that this year, just as Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's star was rising to its highest level so far in national politics, to the point where his name was seriously being dropped as a potential presidential contender, a lowly prison-gang leader would emerge to throw acid in the face of MOM's vaunted managerial skills? All Tavon "Bulldog" White-the Black Guerrilla Family leader adept at controlling a harem of female correctional officers (four of whom he'd spawned children with) to help him and his gang take over a Baltimore jail-did was get caught, exposing new depths of already well-exposed corruption in O'Malley's prison agency. But with that simple act, he's tarnished one of the Democratic National Committee's fave up-and-comers. Congrats, Bulldog. You'll be remembered for this.

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