Best Scandal

It's not every year that 28 Maryland correctional officers (COs) face charges in federal court. The number dwarves previous episodes of federally charged CO corruption in Maryland, such as in 2009, when three COs and a correctional kitchen worker were charged in federal court for helping the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) prison gang commit crimes, and in 2010, when another was indicted federally in a related BGF racketeering case. Now it's 13 charged for helping the BGF take over Baltimore jails, plus another 15 for participating in retaliatory inmate beatings and conspiring to obstruct the resulting investigations. Gary Maynard, Maryland's correctional-system chief, likes to say that 99 percent of COs are honest, upstanding workers in a tough job. That may be true. But Maynard's job is to make sure the system's running cleanly, and on that score, the number of COs currently facing federal charges suggests he's been scandalously ineffective.

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