You couldn't wish for a better-organized club than Baltibrew, the four-year-old collective of homebrewers who meet on the regular, every third Thursday of the month, at Nepenthe, to talk malt, hops, yeast, and the delicious product that the trinity produces when added to water. Baltibrew keeps minutes and posts them on their well-maintained website. It has a bank account and three elected officials. But the professionalism doesn't mean they aren't salt-of-the-earth, fun-loving beer drinkers like you and us. Each member is urged to bring a beer (or six) to each meeting, they have brew days (sure to result in day-drinking over a kettle), and they stage Chilibrew, a chili- and beer-centric festival now in its seventh incarnation (on Oct. 18 at 2640 Space), which raises funds for the likes of Bikemore and the Station North Tool Library.

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