Chris Davis

Sure, we love center fielder Adam Jones and his defensive prowess and power at the plate. And yeah, we love the way J.J. Hardy provides stability at the cornerstone of the defense while hitting lots of long balls at a premium position. But is there any way this couldn't go to Chris Davis? The gargantuan first baseman is in the midst of what would be a guaranteed MVP season in any year where Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera isn't chasing his second-consecutive Triple Crown. Pretty much the only way Cabrera doesn't get it is Davis, who has (as of press time) clubbed 50 home runs to go along with a .296 batting average and 129 RBI. Not only that, Davis has transformed himself from a defensive liability in 2012 to a great glove man in 2013. Even if the O's fall short of the playoffs, there's no way they would have gotten this far without Crush.

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