That Shitty Gray One For Whenever Government Officials Leave City Hall

If you've ever watched the evening news, chances are you've seen it as some city flack or Mayor SRB goes "blah-blah-blah" into a microphone. Said microphone is attached to this dark-gray plastic thing with an inlaid speaker and a logo of the City of Baltimore slapped on the front. Yup, THAT is the public face the city chooses to put forward. Not a lectern, not a traditional wooden podium, not a dais-this thing, which looks like it was assembled from the parts of ravaged tailgate coolers left for dead in the parking lots of M&T Bank Stadium on game day. We can agree that there are plenty of better ways for the city to spend its money, and we certainly hope they go to those first. But if we want to consider ourselves world-class, we should look to the old saying, "look the part, be the part."

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