Carol Ott

Admittedly, there's not a big pool of Baltimore City Republicans to choose from (our gay Republican neighbor had to vote for Pugh), but Carol Ott is really a Republican, and really cool. "I'm not one of those Tea Party people," she told us. "I don't know them." When we wrote about Wall Hunters, where she brings her Slumlord Watch website together with street artists, she asked, "What better and what more Republican idea than supporting sort of a rogue effort to bring attention to a government-led problem? Baltimore is not going to be fixed by our government or by recognized organized associations. It's going to be fixed by people who get fed up one day and decide there's a better way to do things, there's a better conversation, there's a better everything." If she ran for mayor, there might, for once, be a meaningful general election in Baltimore.

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