Cloverland Dairy

2701 Loch Raven Road, (410) 235-4477

Got stink? Damn. We love real milk as much as any cereal junkie, but the smell from the Cloverland Dairy on a hot afternoon makes us want to choose soy forever. The best way to describe this acrid odor is spoiled milk and shit. Really. No hyperbole here. The scent of spoil smacks you in the face as soon as you turn the corner at Loch Raven and 25th Street. We're not sure if it's toxic or if the EPA needs to suit up and step in, but it reeks worse than the Essex shit plant (no, it's not in Dundak) on a humid July day. At least they have golden eggs to placate you. We feel for the workers at the Oneida Envelope factory across the street. Bet they haven't had a glass of milk in a long time.

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