Pierce's Park

711 Eastern Ave.

Wanna witness the power of a clever architect? Then trot down to Pierce's Park, located by Pier 6. Somehow these landscape wizards and artists managed to convert what was a sad swath of cement padding into a whimsical garden that offers an amazing break from the trudge around the Inner Harbor. How they managed to cram so much stuff into what can't be 2 acres still boggles the mind. First there's the grass, and the burns and the tunnel constructed from growing plants, and the fencing that doubles as a rather sophisticated vibe-o-phone in three octaves. The park's signature piece is a brushed-steel tunnel in the shape of a giant elbow pasta. But the true miracle is that the park is always in motion with kids, tourists, and locals starving for some grass. Pierce's Park proves why green space plays such a key part in any economic plan.

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