The Avenue (Pennsylvania Avenue)

Even here in Baltimore, in the backwash of the housing bubble, real estate seems to be churning again, and mixed-use developer schemes such as Harbor East, and more Harbor East, are-with the unwitting assistance of your tax dollars-sprawling and crawling along, a block at a time, toward arguably developed-enough-already Fells Point. On Pennsylvania Avenue ("The Avenue"), the Royal Theatre has been frozen into a marquee and a monument, a symbol, with the hope of a brick-by-brick rebuild. Unless the efforts of the Pennsylvania Avenue Redevelopment Collaborative (PARC), the Baltimore Development Corporation's "Baltimore Main Streets," and community groups like Todd Marcus' (see "Best Do-Gooder") are joined by an entity like Hopkins, MICA, or University of Maryland BioPark buying property to expand their empires, it looks like we'll be living in the "Two Baltimores" era for some time to come.

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