Bounded by Howard Street to the east, the Jones Falls to the west, 21st Street to the south, and Wyman Park Drive to the north, this tiny precinct situated to the immediate west of Charles Village and south of Hampden is playing out like a real-life version of the city-building simulator game SimCity. Where once was an old tire shop now sits the future home of Single Carrot Theatre and a Spike Gjerde-run butcher shop. Up the street on Remington Avenue, $35 million is set to be pumped into a project that transforms three whole blocks into new apartments and retail. A former used car lot has changed hands, going from a Walmart to not a Walmart to back to a Walmart, but there's little doubt something will happen there. Much, if not all, of the development is being led by Seawall, a group that has shown a good track record (see: Union Mill and Miller's Square). Even with all the big plans, Remington is still far from being gentrify-y and douchey, with down-home places like the Dizz, Long John's Pub, and Sterling's being worth a visit.

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