Rodney Henry

Entrepreneur, musician, baker, and irrepressible bon vivant Rodney Henry has recently been repping Baltimore via his skills as Dangerously Delicious Pies' master pie man on the Food Network television show Food Network Star. He didn't win, he placed second, but isn't winning usually the kiss of death on a reality show? Congrats, Rodney! What's important is people all around the country got to see a guy from Baltimore who didn't have a depressing story to report, because all Rodney Henry wants to do is rock with his band the Glenmont Popes, make some crazy-good pies to pimp at one of the Dangerously Delicious stores in Baltimore, D.C., or Detroit, and maybe have a little whiskey. We can't think of anybody better equipped to serve as good will, good eats, and good times ambassador of Charm City.

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