John Waters

John Waters is, at press time, the all-time greatest motherfucking Baltimorean ever. Over the years, he's won plenty of Best of Baltimore awards, including "Best Local Eccentric" and "Best Role Model," and inspired others, like "Best Bar That John Waters Goes To" and "Best Thing Everyone Says About Every Bar: John Waters Goes There." He embodies everything we love about the city, lovingly yet honestly: He is classy and trashy, brilliant and vulgar, hated and beloved, queer and . . . well, queer. He is a champion of the eccentric and the weirdo, he stands up for what is singular and strange in the world. And he's still going strong-he spent last summer hitchhiking around the country (and will publish his adventures next year). We have grown up with him over the last 36 years, and he has defined so much of what is alt about our alt-weekly.

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