Fro-yo and Japanese fast food


4650 Wilkens Ave., Catonsville, (410) 737-7733,

We had been to this colorful little fro-yo shop in the past. It's in a familiar corner of a frequented shopping center. It's so bright and cheerful, it's hard to resist all the tempting images plastered in their windows. On a recent trip, we noticed something new, dare we say something brave? Menus and brochures announced that Haiku would now be carrying Japanese fast food. Yeah, we were curious. The new menu is small and simple (smart for a new venture), mostly consisting of tempuras, teriyakis, noodles, and most recently, a small sampling of sushi. They have six different teriyaki combos. We chose the tofu-and-veggie combo ($5.49). Generous portions were heaped into our takeaway container. We have to admit, it wasn't bad. The teriyaki sauce was sweet and salty, and the veggies, mostly carrots and cabbage with some broccoli tossed in, were crunchy and colorful. It all had a pleasant texture, the veggies against the chewy, meaty tofu. It's served with either steamed or fried rice. We went all-out for the fried rice. It was eggy just like we like it and went well with the teriyaki veggies. The vegetable spring roll ($1.99 for two) was crisp and light, with more carrots and cabbage inside. We've always known we like their yogurt (45 cents an ounce). They've got amazing flavors like lychee, birthday cake, tiramisu, peanut butter, green tea, and taro. Now we've got another reason to stop by on the way to get groceries.

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