Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, We're The MillerS, Elysium, Lovelace, and Planes

PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS Percy Jackson, the fictional kiddo/hero of the eponymous series, is a barely-veiled copy of Harry Potter with mythical gods like Zeus and Neptune, starring lots of young unknowns and CGI, plus Stanley Tucci and Nathan Fillion. Opens Aug. 7

WE'RE THE MILLERS A nauseating mass of former NBC employees cluster together for this wad of bubblegum: Jason Sudeikis plays a man who must travel to Mexico at the behest of Ed Helms to fetch a "smidge" (read: ton) of weed. To bamboozle border patrol, Sudeikis' character casts himself a fake family, with Jennifer Aniston, a stripper, playing his wife. Opens Aug. 7

ELYSIUM A musclebound ex-con/earthling (Matt Damon, sans hair) makes his way to Elysium, a floating paradise inhabited by the rich (represented by Jodie Foster) that orbits Earth, now a festering third-world planet. From the director of District 9, this sci-fi flick promises to mash together immigration and environmental issues. What fun. Opens Aug. 9

LOVELACE The lady made famous by her gag reflex (or lack thereof) gets the star-studded biopic treatment: Amanda Seyfried stars as Linda Lovelace, alongside Peter Sarsgaard as her abusive husband, James Franco as Hugh Hefner, and Hank Azaria as the director of Deep Throat. Opens at the Charles Aug. 9

PLANES The underdog story never gets old in Hollywood it seems. Disney releases one featuring animated, googly-eyed planes. A crop duster voiced by Dane Cook enters into a race in which his odds look iffy at best. Val Kilmer (no longer physically fit for the silver screen), Larry the Cable Guy (that's his actual name on, Sinbad, and many others looking to make an easy buck lend their voices to the fleet of airplanes. Opens Aug. 9

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