As hot dogs go, theirs was meaty enough

The Wild Dog Cart, @theWilddogcart

We were queuing for a different food truck, feeling as though we were being broiled alive by the sun when we first saw the Wild Dog Cart, which had far fewer customers-a potentially ominous sign-but which offered far more promising results for our goal of avoiding a farmer's tan this summer. And we don't regret this decision at all: As hot dogs go, theirs was meaty enough (they boast Nathan's brand dogs), reasonable, and quick (we were out of the sun a minute after ordering). Four of their eight options involved chili, which wasn't too enticing on a hot day. They had sold out of the Mexicana dog with cheese, salsa, onions, green chilies, and tortilla chips, so we went a different way, flavor-wise, with the reuben dog ($5). Pretty straightforward: a slice of Swiss on a more-than-sturdy bun, and a dog on top, covered with nicely pickled sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. We could have used more dressing. But kudos goes to the Wild Dog Cart: For as large as the dog was and as much kraut was on it, it never got messy.

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