Six months for violating release, while new Delaware drug charges are reportedly dismissed

After enjoying leniency at the hands of state and federal judges in Maryland, where she'd pleaded guilty to drugs and gun charges in 2012, 33-year-old Jennifer Debois Dickerson, a suburban mother, received a six-month federal prison sentence on May 21 after testing dirty for drugs while under court supervision.

U.S. District Judge Richard Bennett-who sentenced Dickerson to time served after she pleaded guilty in a 2012 machine-gun case ("Machine-gun mama goes free," Mobtown Beat, Sept. 5, 2012)-accepted her guilty plea on May 21 for having violated the terms of her supervised release by testing positive for cocaine and morphine in April, and twice failing to appear for court-ordered counseling in March, according to court records.

Bennett recommended Dickerson serve her time at Federal Prison Camp, Alderson, a minimum-security facility for women in West Virginia, according to court documents. The nation's first federal prison for female offenders, Alderson became famous when style maven Martha Stewart, convicted for obstructing justice, was an inmate there in the 2000s.

While serving her time, Bennett recommended that Dickerson receive drug treatment, psychological treatment, and mental-health counseling, according to court records. Once she's released, she'll be under court supervision for two years, during which Bennett has ordered she continue in substance-abuse and mental-health counseling, as well as participate successfully in a vocational or educational training program.

In March, new drug charges were filed against Dickerson in Sussex County, Del., where she lives in Bethany Beach ("Machine-gun mama arrested, again," Mobtown Beat, May 8). She faced numerous counts, including possession of drugs with intent to deliver, pot possession, endangering a child's welfare, drug-paraphernalia possession, and unlawful possession of prescription drugs. According to her court-appointed attorney in the federal case before Bennett, Christopher Nieto, all of those charges have since been dismissed.

Dickerson is due to be released from federal custody in November. In July, she faces a probation-violation trial in Howard County, where she'd pleaded guilty to dealing pot in 2012 and been sentenced to time served. According to a federal detention order signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Sullivan, who on May 15 ruled that Dickerson remain in custody until her hearing before Bennett, Dickerson's "back-up time" in Howard County is "as much as 3 years."

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