There was a truce signed by Prisoners of different races calling for an end to racial violence.

I would like to make three brief points.

1. To the editor of Free Will Astrology (May 29): There are some doubts as to whether mass political pressure alone freed Nelson Mandela. I was listening to a WPFW radio show called The Super Funky Soul Power Hour, hosted by Jared Ball. He had a guest on who laid out this scenario in which Mandela and his comrades met secretly with the apartheid South African government and worked out a deal to get Mandela freed if Mandela's African National Congress would agree to mostly cosmetic changes in the structure of South Africa. One can look at South Africa and see little has changed. Is there proof to this theory?

2. One can look at other prisons in this country and see a different trend ("Jailhouse Shock," Feature, May 29). If you had been reading Revolution newspaper, you would have seen there was a truce signed by prisoners at the notorious Pelican Bay State Prison in California. Prisoners of different races signed a statement calling for an end to racial violence.

As a matter of fact, if you read the pages of Revolution, you will see many insightful letters written by prisoners. This newspaper also has articles about the upcoming hunger strike by the prisoners at Pelican Bay and ways we can support the prisoners strike for humane living conditions. There is also a Revolutionary Prisoners Literature Fund (RPLF) that will send literature to prisoners. You can Google "Revolution" or "RPLF" to find out more.

While you are there, Google "Stop Mass Incarceration Network" and find out more about how to stop the school-to-prison pipeline that is plaguing the black and brown communities of this nation. There was a time when there were positive role models for inmates, like Marshal Eddie Conway and George Jackson. We need to bring these heroes to the forefront so that a positive change can happen in the prisons of this country.

3. Revolution is the official organ of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Alan Barysh


Trench Award-fare It's time to establish the City Paper Barbara Ehrenreich Award for reader reporting from the trenches. . . and the first winner should be Gayle Scott for her letter, "Working Preakness" (The Mail, May 29).

David Fetter


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