13 W. Centre St., (410) 752-1383

Despite its convenience-store vibe and friendly Korean proprietor, Gallery Grill is not an Asian takeout place. It's actually a deli with select Asian options. Located directly across from the Walters, the tiny eatery is a one-woman show run by Jean Choe aka "Miss Jean." The menu offers the usual deli sandwiches-Italian cold cut for $8.25, cheesesteak sub for $8.95-with fries or chips; if you're starving, go for the Asian alternative, shrimp steak with rice and stir-fried vegetables for $9.95. There's a more adventurous seafood section, including a salmon burger for $6.95, which we ordered. Miss Jean slaps a homemade salmon patty onto the sizzling grill. She then lays it on a lightly toasted bun and tops it off with crisp iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and a light mayo sauce. Though the burger gets a bit messy, like many seafood sandwiches, the charred taste from the grill measures up to any red-meat burger. We were initially going to take our food to go because of limited plastic seating, but when we chose to linger for a bit, we were pulled into light banter with Miss Jean and some of her regular patrons. Try the house-made fruit beverages for $1.99. We sampled the watermelon juice, which was a little too sweet, yet still quite refreshing on a lazy, scorching Baltimore afternoon.

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