People talk of leaving the state of Maryland. Why, I ask?

The dissolution of the so-called chain of command at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) was certainly a surprise to Governor "Martian" O'Malley ("Corrupt to the Core," Mobtown Beat, May 1).

You see, Baltimore's jail system apparently was operated with a laissez-faire mentality by the governor. While he traipsed around the globe, buffing his more cosmopolitan image, a scenario played out at home that couldn't be contrived. The inmates had wrested control of BCDC.

A very impactful statement/proverb is the following: You can measure the integrity of a man or woman by how he/she reacts to someone who can do nothing for that person in return. The inmates at the BCDC are the forgotten, helpless waifs who have run afoul of the law. O'Malley left these people behind a long, long time ago. They can do absolutely nothing for the governor as he contemplates throwing his name into the mix for the "Big Tent" at the White House. These are the types of incidents under his tenure that could conceivably come back to haunt "our favorite Martian."

People talk of leaving the state of Maryland. Why, I ask? Where else can you get this kind of entertainment? Forget the New York Times top-ten fiction books. We have occurrences in this city that will be fodder for nonfiction books for decades to come. Count on it.

Patrick R. Lynch

Nottingham, MD

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