Maryland Death Fest XI, Roomrunner, The Melvins, and more

May May 15: Tineke Postma Quartet (An die Musik) Kalevra, Consumed with Hatred, Postcards, Egality, Obscure Aperture (Sidebar) Freedom Enterprise, Moogatu, Golden Guns (The 8x10) Karaoke Upstars, Cartel, Clear For Takeoff, Shelby Blondell (The Ottobar) The Duc D'Angelos and Friends (The Windup Space) 9 Songwriter Series (The Metro Gallery) Chicago (Meyerhoff Symphony Hall)

May 16: Father John Misty (9:30 Club) Broken Water, Wildhoney, Baklavaa (Golden West Café)

May 17: The Bloody Beetroots (9:30 Club) Warren Wolf and Antonio Hart (An die Musik) Jake Miller, The Pro Letarians (Baltimore Soundstage) Bad Veins, The Jennifers (Golden West Café) Alkaline Trio, Bayside, Off with Their Heads (Rams Head Live) Pure Junk, The Reticents, Advlts, Hard Dads (Sidebar) Marco Benevento, Jocie Adam and Arc Iris (The 8x10) Bobby E. Lee & The Sympathizers, Hollywood Blanks, People's Blues of Richmond (The Ottobar)

May 18: Allison Miller Quartet, WHS 1 O'Clock Jazz Band (An die Musik) Lettuce, DJ Kraz (Baltimore Soundstage) Kill Betty, Ashes to Embers, 10 Blade, Down Society, The Wrecking Crew (Rams Head Live) Gloominous Doom, Sloth Herder, Enemy Insects, Questioner, Ralph, Acrid, Cavern, Spring Meltdown 3 (Sidebar) Railaway (The 8x10) Spacehog, Lush Farm, Raindeer (The Metro Gallery) Onespot Fringehead, Arbouretum, Divining Rod (The Ottobar) David Lynchfest: Bands and Burlesque (The Windup Space) Heart of The King (Hippodrome Theatre) Jackie Evancho (Meyerhoff Symphony Hall) Night of 1,000 Dylans (Creative Alliance at the Patterson) The Band Perry, Easton Corbin, Eric Paslay (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

May 19: Soundbites- Music. Food. Change (9:30 Club) Catherine Bent and Leonardo Lucini Duo, Brazilian Music (An die Musik) Ramin Karimloo (Baltimore Soundstage) Black Wine (Charm City Art Space) Retox, Tinsel Teeth, War on Women (Golden West Café) Scott Tournett and Ver La Luz, Rayland Baxter (The 8x10) The Casualties, Violent Affair, The Ravagers, Soulful Aggression, Without Warning (The Ottobar) ZZ Top, Ben Miller Band (Pier Six Pavilion)

May 20: Beware of Darkness (Baltimore Soundstage) 98 Rock's Noise in the Basement Live, Antique Asylum, Psykotic Melody, Encaptive, Ghosts of Idols, Twenty 12 Tribe (The Ottobar)

May 21: Atomic Motel, Mad Anthony, Polaroid Rage (Sidebar) Melissa Ferrick (The 8x10)

May 22: Pete Holmes (9:30 Club) Mixtapes, Masked Intruder, Chasing Morgan, Class Picture (Charm City Art Space) Raw Radar War, Wake, Drugs of Faith, Nothing Is Over, Cold Inside (Sidebar) Freedom Enterprise, Big Something, Peoples Blues of Richmond (The 8x10) Sinkane (The Ottobar)

May 23: Tony Denikos & Alan MacEwen (An die Musik) 10 Years, Saturate, Adverse Attraction (Rams Head Live) Derketa, Cemetery Piss, Immaculate Deception (Sidebar) Victims of Experience, Orange Horse, Gezus Kake (The Metro Gallery) Man Man, Grandchildren, Foster Care, Savage Pinks, Hard Dads (The Ottobar) Little Worlds (The Windup Space) Futurebirds (9:30 Club) Maryland Death Fest XI featuring Bolt Thrower, Cobalt, Abigal, Pallbearer, Deiphago, Evoken, Noisem (Former Sonar Complex)

May 24: Joel Forrester (An die Musik) Lost Years, The Better Fight, Something More, Fallstreak, Sweat Life, Blackwater (Charm City Art Space) Coliseum, Red Hare, Give Spoilage (Sidebar) Among Wolves, Mr. Moccasin, Us and Us Only, MacGregor Burns, Outlier (The Ottobar) Bumper Jacksons CD Release (The Windup Space) Honor By August, Melodime (9:30 Club) Maryland Death Fest XI featuring Feastem, Full of Hell, Gehenna, Heartless, Hellshock, Old Lines, Rotten Sound, Sete Star Sept, Tragedy (Baltimore Soundstage) Maryland Death Fest XI Featuring Pelican, Carcass, Righteous Pigs, Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, Ingrowing, and more (Former Sonar Complex)

May 25: John Lamkin 'Favorites' Jazz Quintet (An die Musik) Baroness, Inter Arma (Rams Head Live) Sete Star Sept, Skelptarsis, Hoax, Old Lines (Sidebar) Kung Fu (The 8x10) oOoOO, Adventure, Braider, Sick Din (The Metro Gallery) Building 429, Selah, Royal Tailor (Pier Six Pavilion) Maryland Death Fest XI Featuring Disciples of Christ, Eddie Brock, Infest, Like Rats, Massgrav, Vitamin X, Wake, Weekend Nachos (Baltimore Soundstage) Maryland Death Fest XI Featuring Antaeus, Ihsahn, Down, Revenge, Broken Hope, The Melvins, Aosoth, Vinterland, The Obsessed, Weedeater (Former Sonar Complex)

May 26: Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby (An die Musik) Red, We As Human, Southbound Fearing (Rams Head Live) Howling Curse, No Sir I Won't, Friendbeast, Wolvhammer, Glorior Belli, Krieg (Sidebar) Maryland Death Fest XI Featuring Citizens Arrest, Converge, Ilsa, Iron Lung, Kromosom, Magrudergrind, Tinner (Baltimore Soundstage) Maryland Death Fest XI Featuring Carpathian Forest, Pentagram, Venom, Ascension, Sleep, Integrity, Manilla Road, Sacred Reich, Pagan Altar (Former Sonar Complex)

May 27: Peabody Jazz Students (An die Musik) Natural Child, Slow Jerks, The Matrimonials, DJ Dad Weed (The Metro Gallery) Reina Williams, Joint Effort, Beetle & Juice, Flavian (The Ottobar)

May 28: The Uncluded, Hamell On Trial (9:30 Club) Kelly Rowland, The-Dream (Rams Head Live) Lemuria, War on Women (The Metro Gallery)

May 29: The Dandy Warhols (9:30 Club) Meghan Whittier, Behzad Habibzai, Kyoko, Michael Crabill (An die Musik) Moira Scar, Putrid Servant, Special People, Curse, Decapitated Hed (Sidebar) Freedom Enterprise, DELTAnine, Dropping Sully (The 8x10) Ringo Deathstarr, Roomrunner, Hive Bent, Wildhoney (The Metro Gallery)

May 30: Moe (9:30 Club) Pop Evil, Devour the Day, Guns Out At Sundown (Rams Head Live) Big Christ, Weed, Cascadia, Gutterhooks (Sidebar) A Tribe Called Red (The 8x10) Krisiun, March to Victory, Visceral Violation, Virulence, Demiz (The Metro Gallery) El-Creepo! (The Ottobar)

May 31: Fall Out Boy (9:30 Club.) Dog Fashion Disco (Baltimore Soundstage) Railroad Earth (Rams Head Live) Bukkake Party Tonight, Blinding Eye Dog, The Assless Chaps (Sidebar) Jerry Joseph, Jeff Crosby and the Refugees (The 8x10)

June June 1: Moombahton Massive (9:30 Club) Steve Carrington Quintet (An die Musik) Dog Fashion Disco (Baltimore Soundstage) Fire in Elysium, Xstrophy, Lucy Paranormal, Neverthough (Rams Head Live) Attila & The Huns, The Quarantines; Oh, Ontario (Sidebar) The Rez, Deaf Scene, Subtle Hustle (The 8x10)

June 2: Aaron Carter, Alexis Babini, Chrystian, Shelby Blondell (Baltimore Soundstage) Upper Hand, Rock Bottom, Bench Press, Pleasant Living Passengers, Dead Gods (Charm City Art Space) The Soul Rebels (The 8x10)

June 3: The Mountain Goats, The Baptist Generals (9:30 Club)

June 4: Best Coast, Guards, Lovely Bad Things (9:30 Club)

June 5: Tomahawk, Buke and Gass (9:30 Club) "Weird Al" Yankovic (Rams Head Live) Seaway, Knucklepuck, Batten Down The Hatches, Highest Honor, Chasing Morgan, Something More (Sidebar) Bosley, J Pope and Funky June, Ground Up (The 8x10) Windhand, Ophidian (The Ottobar)

June 6: Beach House (9:30 Club) Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, The Architects, Beans on Toast (Rams Head Live) Kill Lincoln, Trashkanistan, Enemy Insects, Decades, Boozeriot (Sidebar) The National, Dirty Projectors (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 7: Cut Copy, Worlds End Press (9:30 Club) Tea Leaf Green, Thomas Wynn & the Believers (Baltimore Soundstage) Metric (Rams Head Live) Hivesmasher, Cognitive, Bury The Memories, Consumed With Hatred, Piecekeeper, American Womanhood (Sidebar) Cris Jacobs Band (The 8x10) Celebration, Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang (The Metro Gallery) Petticoat Tea Room, The Bryson Dudley Band, Jordan August (The Windup Space) Capital Jazz Fest featuring Will Downing, Jammin' Jay Lamont, and Avery Sunshine (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 8: Portugal, The Man, Skaters (9:30 Club) Anne Mette Iversen Quartet (An die Musik) Mint Condition (Rams Head Live) Telesma, Consider the Source, Groovanada (The 8x10) Capital Jazz Fest featuring Dave Koz's Summer Horns, Chaka Khan, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, Lalah Hathaway, Robert Glasper Experiment, Kindred The Family Soul, Vivian Green, Marcus Miller, Kim Waters (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 9: Cute is What We Aim For, The Dangerous Summer, Tricky (9:30 Club) Sea Patterns, Ex Wife, Arab Spring, USSA Pleasuredome (Charm City Art Space) Social Distortion, Cheap Time, Dave Hause (Rams Head Live) Father John Misty, Pure Bathing Culture, The Red Vines (The Ottobar) Capital Jazz Fest featuring Ledisi, David Sanborn & Bob James, Gerald Albright & Norman Brown, The Whispers, Angie Stone, Eric Benet, Chante Moore (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 10: Animal Collective (9:30 Club) Foals, Surfer Blood, Blondfire (Rams Head Live) Wild Nothing, Twin Tigers (The Metro Gallery)

June 11: Animal Collective (9:30 Club) The Vaccines (Rams Head Live) Little Bird, Stephan Chopek (Sidebar) The Body (The Metro Gallery) Ariel Pink, Purple Pilgrims, Kirin J. Callinan (The Ottobar) Of Monsters And Men, HAIM, Half Moon Run (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 12: Animal Collective (9:30 Club) WeAreUs, Panic Manor, Seven Days Left (Sidebar) Bosley, J Pope and Funky June, Ground Up (The 8x10) Blake Schwarzenbach's Mobile Disco Decathlon (The Metro Gallery) Old Time Machine, Her Fantastic Cats (The Windup Space) LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, De La Soul (Lyric)

June 13: Sai Capeta, Bricklayer, Lady Cop, Crashsight (Sidebar) Turkuaz (The 8x10) Spitalfield, Shane Henderson and the Future Perfect (The Ottobar)

June 14: The Brass-A-Holics (Baltimore Soundstage) Tamia (Rams Head Live) Cris Jacobs Band, Quick and Easy Boys (The 8x10) Polkadot Cadaver, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Blood Daddy, Williamette (The Ottobar) Valient Thorr, Ramming Speed, Gypsy Hawk (The Windup Space)

June 15: Junip, Quadron, Barbarossa (9:30 Club) The Legwarmers (Rams Head Live) Dead End Lane, Charm Offensive, Heart Of The Matter, Throwback (Sidebar) Eastern Electric, Willie's Light, Cris Jacobs, Lazer Libby, Letitia VanSant (The 8x10) Darius Rucker, Rodney Atkins, Jana Kramer (Pier Six Pavilion)

June 16: Glen Hansard, Doug Paisley (9:30 Club) Say Anything, Eisley, HRVRD, Northern Faces (Rams Head Live) The xx, Grizzly Bear (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 17: Save The Swim Team, Survay Says! (Charm City Art Space) Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, GWAR (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 18: Amadou and Mariam, Bombino (9:30 Club) Kings County Swing (An die Musik) Hidden Hospitals, Me Equals You, Rosiere, Good Morning Tides, Piano Black (The Ottobar) The Postal Service (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 19: Dawes, Shovels and Rope (9:30 Club) Lopez-Nussa Brothers (An die Musik) Lamb of God, Acacia Strain, Decapitated (Rams Head Live) The Waverly Giant, Vundabar, Chasing Spree (Sidebar) Karaoke Upstars, Pianos Become The Teeth, Tigers Jaw, Dad Puncher, Captain We're Sinking (The Ottobar) Harry Connick Jr. (The Patricia and Arthur Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric Opera House)

June 20 : Son Volt, Colonel Ford (9:30 Club) The New Lows, Let It Go (Charm City Art Space) Asylum, Barren Girls, The Joy Kills, Hard Dads, Wet Brain (Sidebar) Bleeding Rainbow, Fat Creeps (The Metro Gallery) The Baby Grand, The Eleventh Hour, The Big Time (The Ottobar)

June 21 : Dwight Yoakam (9:30 Club) Umphrey's McGee (Rams Head Live) Cris Jacobs Band, Trace Friends Mucho (The 8x10) Intronaut, Scale the Summit, Mouth of the Architect, Balor's Eye (The Metro Gallery) Japandroids, Crocodiles (The Ottobar)

June 22 : Who's Bad(9:30 Club) Jon B (Baltimore Soundstage) Math the Band, Secret Crush Society, Osprey (Charm City Art Space) Get The Led Out (Rams Head Live) Mausoleum, Sacrificial Blood, Coffin Dust, Day Of The Beast (Sidebar) West Water Outlaws, Drunken Camel (The 8x10) Zac Brown Band, Levi Lowery, Nic Cowan (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

June 23: Roomrunner, Pure Junk, Peals, Small Sur (The Ottobar)

June 24: Rock The Debt! featuring Midnight Hike (9:30 Club)

June 25: Radio Reds (Sidebar)

June 26: Caravan Palace (9:30 Club) Bosley, J Pope and Funky June, Ground Up (The 8x10) Karaoke Upstars (The Ottobar) Les Rhinoceros, Gutterhooks (The Windup Space)

June 27: The Shack Band, Ultra Violet Hippopotamus, Second Self (The 8x10) Grandchildren, Paint Branch (The Metro Gallery) Insubordination Festival 2013 (The Ottobar)

June 28: Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine (9:30 Club), The Greyboy Allstars, Lance Herbstrong (Baltimore Soundstage) Insubordination Festival 2013 (The Ottobar)

June 29: Maysa, YahZarah (Baltimore Soundstage) Ballyhoo!, Authority Zero, Versus the World, Bumpin' Uglies (Rams Head Live) Broken Heroes, Blackout Brigade, The Screws, The Wolverines, M-13, WarXGames (Sidebar) Segway (The 8x10) Insubordination Festival 2013 (The Ottobar)

July July 1: CSS, IO Echo (9:30 Club) Hackensaw Boys (The 8x10) Holy Grail, Anti-Mortem (The Metro Gallery)

July 2: Kato, Oddczar, Passengers (Sidebar)

July 3: Mrs. Skannotto, The Melon Farmers, Dead Yeti (Sidebar)

July 6: The Maine, A Rocket to the Moon, This Century, Brighten (9:30 Club) Sick Sick Birds, Title Tracks, Jaabs (The Metro Gallery) Zevious (The Windup Space) Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Bad Seed Rising (Pier Six Pavilion)

July 8: Arizmenda, Volahn, Putrid Servant (Sidebar)

July 9: Fatality (Sidebar) Japanther, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Unstoppable Death Machines (The Metro Gallery)

July 10: Vans Warped Tour, Featuring The Used, Chiodos, 3OH!3, Motion City Soundtrack, Bring Me the Horizon, Aug. Burns Red, Reel Big Fish, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, We Came As Romans, Never Shout Never, Blessthefall, The Wonder Years (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 11: The Morrison Brothers Band, Jenny Leigh, Paul Pfau (9:30 Club)

July 12: Mike Pinto, Natural Vibrations, Three Legged Fox, 9 Mile Roots, Sticky LongFingers, Rusted Butter (Rams Head Live) Mad Sweet Pangs, Jordan August and Friends (The 8x10) Vinny Vegas, Molehill, Sooner or Later, Mooks (The Metro Gallery) Belle and Sebastian, Yo La Tengo (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 13: OMD, Diamond Rings (9:30 Club), PJ Morton (Baltimore Soundstage) Lafayette Gilchrist and the New Volcanoes (The Windup Space) Phish (The Windup Space)

July 14: Adam "Red Sammy" Trice and Letitia VanSant (An die Musik) Phish (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 15: Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Guster, Boothby Graffoe (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 16 Number 9 Hard, The Sick Tight Nasty Nasty (Charm City Art Space)

July 17: Masked Intruder, Elway, Sam Russo, Beatnik Termites, Widows Watch (Sidebar) Lil Wayne, T.I., Future (1st Mariner Arena) Sublime With Rome, Pennywise (Pier Six Pavilion)

July 18: The Front Bottoms, Hostage Calm (The Ottobar)

July 19: Aviator, Placeholder, My First Castle, Self-Proclaimed Narcissist, Tigerscout (Charm City Art Space) Ratscape featuring Arbouretum, Slow Jerks, Lazlo Lee & The Motherless Children, ADVLTS, Raindeer, Hot God , Baklavaa, Rukut, Ravagers (Hour Haus, July 19-21) Elder, Satan's Satyrs (Sidebar) Incantation, Acheron, Deceased, Visceral Disgorge, Noisem (The Ottobar)

July 20: Kurt Vile and the Violators (9:30 Club) Scenic Route Records 2nd Annual Showcase (The Windup Space) Fun., Tegan and Sara (Merriweather Post Pavilion) The Beach Boys (Pier Six Pavilion)

July 21: Klymaxx (Baltimore Soundstage)

July 22: Frameworks, Tiny Moving Parts, Whenskiesaregrey (Charm City Art Space) Condition Critical, Killing Session, Paralyzer (Sidebar)

July 23: Dawes, Shovels and Rope (Rams Head Live) Trashcan Tommy & The Blackouts, Wiscoholics, Sick Tight Nasty Nasty (Sidebar) Bob Dylan and His Band, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Ryan Bingham (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 24: Steve Miller Band (Pier Six Pavilion)

July 25: Woods, Parquet Courts, Sal Bando, Small Apartments (The Ottobar)

July 26: Loretta Lynn, Sarah Haze (9:30 Club) Lianne La Havas (Baltimore Soundstage) Xavier Rudd, Nahko, Medicine for the People (Rams Head Live) Hydra Kill, Existentium, Area 52, Corrupt Conspiracy, Vela (Sidebar) Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Lady Lamb, the Beekeeper (The Ottobar)

July 27: Black Clouds, Shark Week, Warchild, True Head, Highway Cross, Blackout Djs (9:30 Club) Citizen Cope (Rams Head Live)

July 28: New Order (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

July 30: Paul Weller (9:30 Club) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Dope Body, Crimson Wave (The Ottobar)

July 31: Michael Kiwanuka, Kat Edmonson (9:30 Club)

August Aug. 1: Tarred and Feathered, The Soap (Sidebar) O.A.R., Andrew McMahon, Allen Stone (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Aug. 2: Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Tauk (9:30 Club) The Melvins (The Ottobar) Mad Decent Block Party Featuring Major Lazer, Zeds Dead, SBTRKT (DJ set), Griz, Skream, Lunice, and Riff Raff (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Aug. 3: Carbon Leaf (Rams Head Live) Spleencoffin Anniversary Show (The Windup Space) Summer Spirit Festival Featuring D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, Rare Essence, Black Alley, Hiatus Kaiyote, with special guest host Mike Epps (Merriweather Post Pavilion)

Aug. 6: Beres Hammond (Rams Head Live)

Aug. 7: Beth Orton (9:30 Club) Jessie Ware (Rams Head Live) Old Lines, Host (Sidebar)

Aug. 8: Trophy Lungs (Sidebar) Justin Timberlake and Jay Z (M&T Bank Stadium) Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch (Merriweather Post Pavilion) Peter Frampton, B.B. King, Sonny Landreth (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 9: The Connection (Sidebar) One Republic, Mayer Hawthorne, Churchill (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 10: José James (Baltimore Soundstage) Bit Gen Gamer Fest 8 (Rams Head Live) Believe in Music Benefit featuring Dark Star Orchestra and the Bridge (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 11: Slightly Stoopid, Atmosphere (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 13: Adam Ant (9:30 Club) George Thorogood, Buddy Guy (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 15: Appetite for Destruction, Poison'd, Red White and Crue (Rams Head Live)

Aug. 16: Ted Nugent, Laura Wilde (Rams Head Live)

Aug. 17: En Vogue (Rams Head Live)

Aug. 22: Gladys Knight, The O'Jays (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 23: Styx, REO Speedwagon (Pier Six Pavilion)

Aug. 24: Saved by the '90s A Party with the Bayside Tigers (Rams Head Live)

Aug. 26: Union 13, The Screws (Sidebar)

Aug. 27: Belus (Sidebar)

Aug. 29: Truth Under Attack, A Place In Time, Hometown Letdown (Sidebar) Golden Gurls, Mink Hollow, Infinite Honey (The Windup Space)

Aug. 30: ScapeScape (Aug. 30-Sept. 1, Metro Gallery Lot, Windup Space)

September Sept. 3: Kamelot, Delain, Eklipse (Baltimore Soundstage)

Sept. 7: Elvin Jones Project featuring George Garzone (An die Musik)

Sept. 11: Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Budz, Zion I (Pier Six Pavilion)

Sept. 28: Eri Yamamoto (An die Musik)

Reoccuring Concerts 1st Thursdays Lunchtime Concert Series Live concerts noon-1:30 p.m. June 6, July 11, Aug. 1, Sept. 5, and Oct. 3, Hopkins Plaza, the corner of North Charles and Baltimore streets, (410) 244-1030,

Summer Sounds Concert Series Fridays 6-9 p.m. May 17-Aug. 30, Belvedere Square, 518 E. Belvedere Ave #203, (410) 464-9773, WTMD-FM's first Thursdays

Concerts in Mount Vernon Park presented by Towson's listener-supported radio station. 5:30 p.m. June 6, July 4, Aug. 1, and Sept. 5, Mount Vernon Park, 1300 N. Charles St., (410) 704-8938,

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