Double Dagger figuratively move out to the burbs to sip iced tea and rake leaves.

This week's feature by Brandon Weigel marks the retirement of beloved Baltimore post-punks Double Dagger, whose members figuratively move out to the burbs to sip iced tea and rake leaves on this week's cover, but in reality have launched three awesome new bands: Roomrunner, Peals, and Pure Junk. Also read our reviews of the last DD album and the new Peals and Roomrunner ones.

In Mobtown Beat, Edward Ericson Jr. looks under the hood at the new GM electric vehicle plant in White Marsh, built with over $100 million in government money, and finds that the much celebrated "green" job creator will generate about 25 jobs and won't sell cars anywhere near Maryland. Van Smith follows up on the fate of some of the lesser-watched legislation during the General Assembly. Don't miss Mr. Wrong, where our hero blows his first paycheck on Scratch-Offs, Baltimore City Power Rankings, where marathoners are up, but the bay, The Sun, the police department, and Rex Ryan are all down, and Murder Ink.

In City Folk, J.M. Giordano talks to Onyx, the mild-mannered manager of Chiapparelli's by day, badass wrestler by night.

In the Arts sections, Charles Cohen marvels at MICA's new Globe Poster exhibit; We review four new films with single-word titles: Mud, Oblivion, Starbuck, and Taint; In music, we've got profiles of boundary-crossing MC Abdu Ali and inventive indie-rockers Soft Cat, plus Josh Sisk's heavy music column, Bangers and Thrash. In books, Baynard Woods interviews Sun editor John McIntyre about his new book of wisdom from the newsroom, The Old Editor Says and in stage, we review Single Carrot's production of The VIP.

In Eats and Drinks, John Houser III tries out the new Prime Rib at Maryland Live! Casino, Jenn Ladd previews the many tasty concoctions available at City Paper's Brewfest this weekend, and also checks out Lucky's Deli in Cheap Eats. As usual, don't forget the calendar and Savage Love...

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