445 E. Fort Ave., (410) 400-6673

On one of Riverside's more thriving corners sits Lucky's Deli and Market, one of those local convenience stores whose sandwiches puts Royal Farms' to shame. We didn't chance the BBQ loaf, but opted for a chicken salad sandwich ($5.46) instead. The house-made salad had small chunks of chicken in a decent amount of mayo-slippery enough that some salad fell out while we ate (a perk, in our opinion: something for leftover crust to scoop up). It would have been an otherwise unremarkable eat, but the chicken salad was generously flecked with bits of parsley, and the rye bread had been left in the toaster by the surly-looking lady behind the counter till it was deeply browned. We gobbled it down so fast that we couldn't share it with our eating companion. A tomato-based pasta salad ($1.80 for a half-pound) with broccoli pleased less; the balance of oil and vinegar dressing wasn't quite right, and we couldn't taste the pepper sprinkled in it. Lucky's doesn't have the most inviting atmosphere-visitors probably aren't often tempted to linger at the small plastic tables and chairs by the aisles of miscellaneous groceries-but we'll be back to try the shrimp salad.

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