In this week's issue City Paper, takes a deep look at the questionable business practices of Big Boyz Bail Bonds and the confusing practices of the bail bond industry.

In this week's issue of the City Paper, Edward Ericson Jr's feature story "Men of the Pen," takes a deep look at the questionable business practices of Big Boyz Bail Bonds and the confusing customs and practices of the bail bond industry in Baltimore.

Rafael Alvarez returns with a City Folk story about Mary Rosso, an accidental activist in Curtis Bay, where her family rented instruments to generations of music students.

In Mobtown Beat, Van Smith reports on money laundering charges brought against a prominent businessman and community leader and offers an update on David Bord's battle to get his antique machine guns back from Baltimore County law enforcement officers who illegally seized them over two years ago.

In the Arts, Baynard Woods profiles Michael Kimball upon the release of Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On A Postcard)...and Kimball demonstrates his method by profiling Woods. Evan Serpick visits the Ben Ezra Ark door at the Walters Museum and Jasmine Sarp reviews the Absolute Comic at sophiajacob. Baynard Woods finds a Hobbesian war of all against all in Everyman Theatre's God of Carnage and gets bored with the adolescent agnst of On the Road, while Jenn Ladd finds a lot to like in the unfurling of The Sun Don't Shine. In music, Geoffrey Himes is jazzed about George Colligan's return to town to play with Todd Marcus and Strum und Twang is happy about the Happy Hours.

Martha Thomas shows that a restaurant's name can be misleading in her review of Liv2Eat, and I Can Make That riffs on the desserts found at Birroteca. In Cheap Eats, Evan Serpick tests his hypothesis that the further away from conventional spelling a Jamaican restaurant goes, the better the food will be.

In Spitballin' Jim Meyer puts the Birds before the sabermetric nerds and the Baltimore City Power Rankings are high on pot, gun control, and Transform Baltimore, but a bit down on the Os for cockblocking the Ravens' season opener.

As always, see Murder Ink and the Baltimore City Power Rankings, check out the Short List to see the best shows in town, and use Baltimore Weekly to plan your Week.

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