204 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, (410) 415-7003, islandquizine.com

We have a theory that the further the name of a Jamaican restaurant gets from traditional English spelling, the better it is. When we saw the sign for Island Quizine (which has another location on Liberty Road), we thought it would be an opportunity to test the theory. And the quizine was, indeed, delicious. Jerk chicken, like quiche at a bistro or tacos at a cantina, is another good indication of the quality of Jamaican food. Here, it was rich and flavorful. And if you're the only non-Jamaican in the joint and the server asks if you want extra jerk sauce, don't be afraid to say "no." We were too polite to refuse and the extra sauce was really unnecessary, taking the already fierce kick of the dish to dangerous levels. The accompanying cabbage and peas were full of flavor, and the fresh corn and carrots made it an even heartier side. There was also a mound of rice and some sweet plantains. We're pretty big eaters, but we ordered the "small" platter for $8.98 and were so full we had to cut down on breathing for a while. The fruit punch, at $4 for a large, is worth every penny.

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