We would like to express our profound disappointment at the exclusion of Clementine from your dining guide.

We would like to express our profound disappointment at the exclusion of Clementine from your dining guide (Eat, March 6). As they are listed in the index, we can only assume the oversight was inadvertent. Nonetheless, you do the excellent staff and dining public a great disservice when such a dining jewel is overlooked. We anticipate a laudatory "mea culpa" in a near-future edition.

Steve Koster and Kathy Burks


Editor's Note: Mea culpa, indeed. Clementine was omitted due to an editing error. It is in the online version: citypaper.com/eat2013.

Missed in the Markets AGHAST. There I was, reading the article about Baltimore public markets ("250 Years of Cheap Eats," Feature, March 6), the mainstays and inexpensive variety of food. All my favorite places in Lexington Market where there, but, somehow, missing was one of the oldest and most popular spots. . . KONSTANTS! How could CP leave out KONSTANT's with the wonderful coffee, famous chili dogs, and delicious homemade soups. How could they miss Paul's BBQ with Carolina-style barbecue. And the peanuts?! Everyone knows the peanut guy! But no mention in the CP, sadly. I guess you'll have to come back and do a solo story, eh?

Larry Brenner

Owner/manager of Konstants


Nice to see Hollins Market covered ("250 Years of Cheap Eats," Feature, March 6). The top floor of the market is a marvelous architectural hall with an approximately 30-foot ceiling and 20-foot arched windows. It was used as a rec center until the early '70s, when it is rumored to have been closed due to local racism.

Some of our existing community needs are: Senior and teen meeting centers; gallery and performance spaces for Sowebo Arts, Black Cherry Puppet Theater, Curious Palace, and other neighborhood arts groups; and a meeting hall for Hollins Roundhouse Neighborhood Association, the Arabber Preservation Society, Mount Clare Gardens, and other neighborhood organizations.

It would be in the city's long-term financial and cultural interest to maintain this part of the market and keep it open to the public. Our city markets are part of the charm and magic that makes Baltimore a unique place to live, work, and visit.

Daniel Van Allen


Gun Shy Love your political cheerleading. Your Power Rankings (Mobtown Beat, Mar. 6) arrow up for the knee-jerk gun legislation is proof of your disconnection from reality. Since you think forcing more Draconian laws on decent, law-abiding citizens is good for the gander, I challenge you to "man up" and own every gun-related death that occurs after this one-party theocracy rams this bill down the throat of gullible Marylanders. I will gladly admit defeat if this legislation dramatically lowers Baltimore's Wire-like murder rate. And I double-dog dare you to publish this challenge.

Patrick Radomsky


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