Mama, Luv, Broken City, The Last Stand, and Polyester

MAMA Two flaxen-haired little girls are found after five years spent alone in the wilderness, after the death of their parents. A caring uncle and his reticent girlfriend take in the girls, who vacillate between creepy and cute. But the real terror is lurking in the walls in this horror movie, from producer Guillermo del Toro. (Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage). Opens Jan. 18.

LUV Baltimore gets some love in LUV-Howard Street Bridge! Washington Monument!-about 11-year-old Woody (Michael Rainey Jr.), who knocks about Charm City with his recently paroled uncle Vincent (Common). When Woody's-day-out hits a speed bump, he must decide how to respond to a crisis. Also starring Dennis Haysbert, who, despite playing Pedro Cerrano in Major League and the president in 24, is probably best known from the Allstate Insurance commercials. Opens Jan. 18.

BROKEN CITY Russell Crowe swaps his singing voice for a Noo Yawk accent in his second movie of the winter. Crowe, playing the mayor of NYC, hires an ex-cop (Mark Wahlberg) to track down the man the mayor's wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is banging on the side. Double-crosses abound. Opens Jan. 18.

THE LAST STAND Arnold Schwarzenegger, accent more pronounced than ever, plays a small-town sheriff who squares off with a kingpin in a Mexican drug cartel in the Governator's first leading role in 10 years. Luis Guzman, Johnny Knoxville, and Forest Whitaker round out the odd array of celebrities in this high-octane action flick. Opens Jan. 18.

POLYESTER Divine graces the screen once again in John Waters' 1981 cult classic. Francine Fishpaw (Divine) is suffering in suburban-development hell, plagued by her sleazy husband, her god-awful children, and her coke-snorting mother. Prospects look pretty bleak when the aptly named Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter) swoops in to liberate Francine. But don't get too comfortable. . . Playing at the Charles Theatre Jan. 19, 21, 24.

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