Featuring the works of Baltimore's Lisa Dillin and New York's Matthew Northridge

Toward a New Form Order

Through Jan. 26 at Guest Spot @ The Reinstitute

Toward a New Form Order, featuring the works of Baltimore's Lisa Dillin and New York's Matthew Northridge, runs the spectrum of conceptual and minimal work. Dillin displays several pieces from her "Window" series and "Ocelot Tiles (Survivor)," a tile "rug" with an inset figure of an ocelot and one of the fake plants in her "Equivalent Formation" series. It serves as an excellent introduction to Dillin's work, especially alongside Northridge's equally product-oriented works.

Along the hallway wall inside the gallery, Northridge displays a series of 10 collage/drawing/chosen-image/photography pieces called "The World We Live In," which generally place brightly colored geographical shapes atop some scene from the natural world: neon yellow boxes in front of an erupting volcano, for instance. "Build Your Vocabulary" is a deceptively simple hexagon, offset in its frame and filled with smaller geometric shapes which force the eye to see it as a cube in a delightfully op-art sort of way. The mixed-media piece "Better Homes for the Aged" has the same sense of perfectionist mass production as Dillin's work, extending from the wall in what could be an architectural model for a postmodern cliff dwelling.

Together, these two artists make the landscapes of our contemporary world more beautiful even as they critique them.

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