City Paper's 13th Annual Poetry Contest

She smelled like




Holy wine

She talked like

Show me your wrist

Trust me

There are bees in this hot church that

The ceiling fans will aggravate

Carve your name into the wooden pew

Right below mine

With Jesus fresh in your stomach

Anything bad you do

Is forgiven

In church

I would kneel, on the wooden pew

Where my grandfather once carved his name

As a little boy

I used to thirst for holy wine

Stare at teenage girls with fresh-cut hair

Wonder if the devil was tempting me by sitting Kelly Cummings across the aisle

She used to let the bees from the ceiling land on her



Fiction and Poetry Contest Winners

Fiction First Place: "CHAOS" by C.C. Vail
Fiction Second Place: "The Plagiarist" by F.P. Gamber
Fiction Third Place: "So Much Closer and Far More Brilliant" by Jody Costa

Poetry First Place: "Marie's Dance" by Angie Cochrun
Poetry Second Place: "So Far Child"by Lydia Rich
Poetry Third Place: "Sunday" by Kyle Eichmann

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