While the proposal has merit and is truly far-reaching, I doubt very seriously if it will succeed

Thanks for a brilliant article by Edward Ericson Jr., "Point of Departure: Imagining a new future for Sparrows Point" (Feature, Oct. 17).

While the proposal has merit and is truly far-reaching, I doubt very seriously if it will succeed because the current residents of the areas affected will be against it, just as they have been regarding several recent proposals to erect veterans' housing at the former Fort Howard VAMC in Edgemere, across the water from Sparrows Point. The main objection is and will be too much traffic congestion on local roads built to handle 1900s patterns.

That doesn't mean that the project can't succeed, however, examples being the foundation of Sparrows Point itself a hundred years ago and the establishment of the Glenn L. Martin aviation plant at Middle River at the end of the 1920s.

The main difference in both areas between then and now is that there were far fewer people in each at the time of establishment. A similar such project was undertaken by then-Baltimore County executive Dennis Rasmussen during his term of 1986-90 that was designed to help Middle River. This was the massive Chinese-based theme park entitled World Bridge that I covered as a reporter. It failed for the very same reason that this one might as well: the local residents were adamantly against it.

Dundalk is not Dubai, although I admit that it would really be a hoot to take a hydrofoil ride from Dundalk to Annapolis. My first and only ride on a hydrofoil was in Japan in 1967 and that was when I first realized that the United States was in trouble economically, because they had them in daily transit usage and we didn't.

The key to getting such projects enacted, therefore, is not the planners, developers, media, and builders, but, rather, to ensure that area populations are onboard FIRST. It might also be a good idea to get the input of Helen Delich Bentley.

Blaine Taylor


Catholics for Buddhists for Equality I am a practicing Catholic in support of a "garden-variety American Buddhist" ("Buddhist Tax Revolt Coming," the Mail, Oct. 10). Forty years ago, I may not have been supportive, but hopefully life has given me a little wisdom along the way. Growing up as a Catholic in a small Southern town, I'm not sure I knew any Buddhists, Jews, African-Americans, or very many Protestants. Being in Baltimore since 1967 has broadened my life experiences in church and society. I have come to understand that the world is larger than my own family or my church.

I support justice for all couples who love each other and desire to fully participate in marriage and family life. I will support and vote FOR Question 6 and Marriage Equality in Maryland. Exploring religion as an adult led me to Catholic Social Teaching, which reminds one that all humans, men, women and children of any race, creed, or culture are sacred and social beings. The same teachings say that all deserve that which is needed to lead a life of dignity. The civil marriage law provided for in Question 6 is just that, a law that gives dignity to the institution of marriage for every loving couple and their family.

Virginia Bartlett Rugemer


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