Gabe Sinclair

Gabe Sinclair does not believe in hustling. at least not in an ideal world. Twelve years ago he wrote The Four-Hour Day, a book detailing the way toward that ideal world ("240-Minute Man," Feature, March 21, 2001). "The first part is arithmetical," he says. "You take the number of hours it takes to produce steel, soy, underwear, all the productive things, and you divide it by all the people in the world and you get less than four hours per person." Of course, it's not that easy and Sinclair acknowledges that his scheme is impossible under a capitalist system. But he felt like he was making progress until 9/11. "The first thing Bush did when he came in was to go on vacation. Families used to be able to get by with one income, and then with two, and now they can't even get by with two, and the first thing this dickhead does is go on vacation. People were interested in the issue." Then they got scared. Sinclair says he owns a small machine shop (where he only has to work four hours a day to make a living). He spent around $800 and clocked less than four hours a day on Saturday and Sunday of the Baltimore Book Fest, hustling to end the world of hustle.

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