Sip & Bite

2200 Boston St.,, (410) 675-7077

Yee-ro. Jy-ro. Guy-ro? Who cares. Pretty much everyone uses the same or similar mixtures of bovine/ovine meat slurry and spices that's pressed into a cylinder, and roasted on a vertical spit. Critical factors in a good gyro: good pita, the right amount of feta, crunchiness of cucumbers and onions, and, of course, good tzatziki. So that whittles down the list of good gyros in the area significantly. What makes Sip & Bite's superior to even these? Extra browning. The highly skilled (if perpetually surly) line guys at Sip & Bite take slices of gyro meat and treat them to some time on a hot flat top grill, which endows the meat with a crust of golden extra-deliciousness. This is what the vertical spit is designed to do, but in reality, it's just a warming mechanism. It takes some actual cooking to get a gyro this good, and we haven't seen it done anywhere else in the city.

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