Ale Mary's

1939 Fleet St.,, (410) 276-2044

Ale Mary's has food specials every day, but Mondays are super-special because their already excellent burgers are on discount-$6.95 for a half-pound burger, with a Boh included! That's like three bucks savings. And as you might have guessed, the cheapness is just a huge bonus on top of a truly quality burger. For the record, the term "Angus" is pretty meaningless, so let's forget that part. The burger is one of those thick, homestyle half-pound patties that are salted only after forming, which results in a more crumbly style burger, as opposed to those that are salted before patty formation, which tend to have a more cohesive, dense texture. The former method results in superior moistness and tenderness, and the ones here are seasoned and cooked perfectly. Options like mushrooms, bleu cheese, and bacon are extra, but hey, with such a low base price, go for the fully loaded joint.

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