Annabel Lee tavern

601 S. Clinton St.,, (410) 522-2929

There are only two places on the planet that need to make french fries: Thrashers on the Boardwalk in Ocean City and Annabel Lee in Canton. And while Thrashers is old school Maryland, Annabel Lee amps up the frenchitude! The potatoes are cut thin, fried in duck fat-the most delicious fat in the animal kingdom-salted to what must be perfection, and then tossed in herbs de Provence. The golden fries seem to glow from some internal light. Their exterior has a crispness that almost snaps when you bite into one, before giving way to a delicious, creamy potato center. If you've ever wondered what heaven costs, it's $8 and comes with a side of ketchup you'll never need at Annabel Lee.

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