Between the Station North Open Walls exhibition and the new townhomes popping up from Barclay Street to Greenmount and North avenues, the Barclay neighborhood is looking up. Penned in by Greenmount Avenue to the east and Calvert Street to the west, Barclay is known for its streets numbered from 20th to 25th. It's home to many of the city's artists housing buildings (Copycat, Annex, Area 405, Cork Factory, and the City Arts Building) and is rapidly becoming gentrified, thanks to MICA's new design school and the Federal Hill-style rowhomes on Union Avenue. Make no mistake, it's still a little sketchy after dark, and rough around the edges, but we give it three years at the most before the first café opens its caffeinated doors. Barclay was also where several of the drug-corner scenes from The Wire were shot. So there's that.

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