We recommend going with regular french fries

Mc-N-Mc Pit

6317 Harford Road, (410) 254-9894

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Way up on Harford Road squats a tiny building, coated in primary colors, promising ribs, burgers, and cold drinks. Inside, there’s a large bookshelf adorned with a smattering of items, some booths, and tables that look like they date back to the ’70s, and a guy that will whip up your order. The place is comfortable in an unassuming sort of way, though it seems like many of the patrons get their food to go. When it comes to making a choice from their array of barbecue items, it’s best to let the name of the joint guide you: the pit beef ($5.65) was tender, well-spiced, and served on a kaiser roll that perfectly suited the texture of the meat. The portions were pretty massive as well; we left feeling comfortably full. The hamburger ($4.50), while totally fine for what it was, didn’t quite compare to the aforementioned sandwich. It too was massive, but it lacked the juiciness one craves from a burger. For a side, we opted for gravy fries ($2.95), and though the fries were cooked to perfection, they just couldn’t fight the onslaught of thick, lumpy gravy that attacked from above. Ultimately, we were left with a brown, globby mess that we couldn’t quite get through. So if it’s a fried starch you seek, we recommend going for straight french fries; they hold up just fine on their own. Oh, and a “small” serving will suit your needs just fine. These guys really pile ‘em on.

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