Roy Doram

DORAM SAYS HE’S been hustlin’ since he got out of high school. “I joined the National Guard. That was a hustle,” he says. The $2,000 signing bonus helped get him through trade school, and the basic training “taught me how to be a man.”

These days Doram, who lives in Towson and works for a road line-painting contractor, finds himself with spare time whenever it rains. He fills it by doing odd jobs—tree-trimming, lawn-mowing, moving and hauling sheet-rock, and the like, he says, strictly on a donation basis. “Whatever their heart leads them to believe” is fair, Doram says. “Everyone has common sense. Quite naturally, they know people might like a few dollars.” This keeps book-keeping to a minimum: “If I cut a branch off your tree, you give me $20, that’s the end of it,” he says. “There’s work out here for everyone.”

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