Stay away from the pizza and avoid the subs.

Mount Washington Pizza and Subs

1620 Kelly Ave. (410) 664-1111

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THE FIRST THING you need to know about Mount Washington Pizza and Subs is that you want to stay away from the pizza. You probably want to avoid the subs as well. The pizza is horrendously greasy and has been known to make (my) toddlers vomit (on me). If it’s pizza you’re after in the leafy North Baltimore environs, step around the corner to Pepe’s on Falls Road or even that newfangled Earth, Wood, and Fire further up Falls. At MWP&S, you want to flip over to the very back of the menu, the page that reads “Indian Specialties.” (To be fair, they’ve updated the sign outside to read Mt. Washington Pizza, Subs, and Indian Cuisine,” but it’s still known legally and to everybody in the nabe as MWP&S, so we’re sticking with that). Apparently, the Indian-Americans who run the joint have used the time they’re not spending learning how to make good pizza crafting rich, delicious dishes from the sub-continent, including huge vegetable and meat samosas ($2.75 and $3.50 respectively)—two would be a meal for a reasonable-sized person, and they have a perfectly crisp exterior and well-seasoned fillings. The tandoori chicken entrée, at $9.95, pushes the barrier of “cheap,” but it’s also massive and mega moist. Vegetarian entrées like Palak Paneer (spinach-and-cheese curry, $9.45) and Malai Kofta (veggie balls in thick curry, $9.45) are also standouts.

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